What other owners love about their FiveStar

  1. Wide range of burner power--I can bring a pot of water to a boil in just minutes or stir-fry with the best of them when the burner's high; or, on the other end of the spectrum, I can whip up a delicate hollandaise with the same burner turned to its lowest setting.
  2. Easy clean-up--After even the most complex meal preparation, clean up is as simple as moving the burner grates and wiping off the flat surface around the burners.
  3. No-nonsense burner grates--These heavy grates are designed to allow sliding pots and skillets easily from one burner to another.
  4. Dual fuel ovens--I love the option of roasting or braising chicken in the moist heat of my gas oven (or keeping cooked food warm there), while at the same time baking a pie in the crisping, dry heat of my electric oven; I've got a fuel source that's perfect for all my cooking needs.
  5. Convection oven--I love being able to flip on the convection when I want to ensure even, quick baking of several trays of cookies or when I want to add the burst of heat during the final browning of lasagna or enchiladas.

Rick Bayless

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