Happy Friday, everyone! Today I want to highlight one of my personal favorite features of FiveStar… the Ultra High-Low Sealed Burners. First, take a gander at this video:



As Rick shows us in the video, the Ultra High-Low Sealed Burners feature the ultimate in versatility, allowing you to enjoy searing high-heat for braising, sauteing, or boiling, a low constant-flame heat for gently simmering delicate sauces, and everywhere in between. And because it is so versatile, you can do it all on a single burner – no dedicated simmer or high heat burners needed. This means you can cook whatever you want on whichever burner you want. No more “burner shuffle” while preparing your meal this Thanksgiving! What’s more, the burners have continuous grates, so if you do find yourself needing to move one dish to a back burner, you can easily slide those pots and pans from the front to rear with ease.

And speaking of ease, clean up is a cinch with the FiveStar sealed burners. Simply remove the grates, wipe around the burners with some mild soap and a clean damp rag, and voila! Clean cooktop once again!

Even though our Ultra High-Low sealed burners are about as awesome as they come (I mean, who can beat 21,000 BTUs? No one. That’s who), we realize they don’t fit everyone’s needs in the kitchen. That’s why most models can also be ordered with our classic open burners. So which do you prefer? The wide BTU range and easy clean up of the sealed burners, or the efficient flame and classic style of the open burners? Do tell.


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