Earlier this month, we teamed up with our Southeastern distributor HADCO to host an exclusive event to honor the many achievements of Atlanta’s own artist Thomas Arvid and celebrate his current exhibition at the Marietta-Cobb Museum of Art. The event featured displays of Arvid’s works, an array of robust and bright wines, and delicious culinary treats, all centering on the concept of “Reflecting the Good Life.” Also the title of the exhibition, “Reflecting the Good Life” is open now through December 15 at the MCMA museum in Marietta.


Thomas discussing the museum exhibition and his affiliation with FiveStar Range


For over twenty years, Arvid has been rendering elaborately detailed lifestyle paintings focused on this concept and has made quite a name for himself – both in the art and culinary world – for portraying vibrant colors and perfectly capturing images of the good life. He specializes in still life realism, often capturing images of wine and spirits, both corked and uncorked.

So how does an appliance manufacturer get involved in an art exhibition, you ask? Well, in addition to be a renowned artist and celebrated wine enthusiast, Thomas is also a home chef and FiveStar owner and long-time friend of our company. When we were given the opportunity to participate in the exhibition, we jumped at the chance to be involved. Sponsoring the exhibition allowed us to also include a piece Arvid created for our company president – a vibrant realist painting of a chef working on a FiveStar, the beauty of which is not done justice by words alone.


Thomas Arvid and Matthew Brown, FiveStar's Executive VP


To help kick-off the sponsorship, HADCO and FiveStar teamed up to host a special celebratory event in HADCO’s beautiful showroom in Suwanee, Georgia. Ever present and captivating, Thomas played an active role in the event, teaming up with HADCO’s Chef Jared Swift to demonstrate a few appetizer recipes on a FiveStar range. The two cooks worked together brilliantly, offering product-exclusive feature tips, like how to use the FiveStar sealed burners’ searing high BTU output to prepare braised beef and its delicate simmer to whip up a champagne-infused cranberry sauce reduction, just in time for Thanksgiving. The pair also gave attendees loads of banter-filled entertainment and, ultimately, produced delicious food for guests’ enjoyment. Of course, both Thomas and Jared also offered helpful tips for pairing recipes with the perfect wines, perfecting the ultimate good life blend. From the event, it was clear that Arvid not only knows his way around a canvas but also around a kitchen.


Thomas Arvid and Chef Jared Swift prepare some crowd-pleasing dishes

Thomas Arvid and Chef Jared Swift


From the bottom of our food-and-art-loving hearts, we are so grateful to Thomas, his team, the wonderful folks over at HADCO, Chef Jared, and the whole crew at MCMA for helping us put this all together. What a fun night!

By the way, please head down to Atlanta and see the works of the brilliantly talented Thomas Arvid at MCMA in Marietta this fall! The event runs from now through December 15, so hurry before time runs out!

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