The Chattanooga Market did it again. They hosted another successful cookoff! On September 23, five chefs once again gathered around their FiveStar ranges and, using their own personal Lodge cast iron cookware, whipped up unique dishes based on, once again, a mystery ingredient. And would you guess who won this round…

That’s right, it was Matt from Hennan’s AGAIN!

This victory makes the score for 2012 cook-offs: Matt = 2, Everyone else = zero. Great job and congratulations to Matt for his outstanding job! And a great big thank-you to all the chefs and judges who participated. We love cook-offs and we LOVE the Chattanooga Market!

Pssssst… there are only a couple months left to enjoy the market this season, so be sure to get out there one weekend and take it in. You won’t be sorry!



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