Hello, faithful readers. Here’s the run-down on last month’s FiveStar Food Fight brought to you by FiveStar and The Chattanooga Market!

Who: Five local professional chefs

  • Nathan Flint of Famous Nator’s
  • Nick Goeller of 212 Market
  • Aaron Long of Market Street Tavern
  • Matt Marcus of Hennen’s
  • Andrew Millsaps of Broadstreet Grille

What: Competition for best dish using secret ingredient, revealed only moments before competition begins

When: Sunday, August 12, 2012

Where: The Chattanooga Market in Chattanooga, Tennessee

The deets:

One of our very own FiveStar representatives had the honor and privilege of being a judge at this year’s FiveStar Food Fight at The Chattanooga Market. A quick aside – if you live in or around the Chattanooga area and haven’t been to the Chattanooga Market yet, you need to get there ASAP! I mean, it’s local, it’s fun, and it’s completely FREE to get in! The local vendors are amazing. The art, the food, the crafts, the produce… all of it is sure to wow you. This little city we live in is pretty amazing, y’all!

Where was I? Ah, yes… the Food Fight. So center stage that week was the famous FiveStar Food Fight, in which five local chefs competed in an “Iron Chef” style competition, building a dish around a single mystery ingredient. Another fun twist to the competition is that all main ingredients should come from the Chattanooga Market’s vendors, so each contestant shopped the market for the ingredients for his dish. And, of course, all dishes are prepared on FiveStar Ranges.

This year, the mystery ingredient was pork. And boy did the chefs show off their skills! It was a tough battle, but ultimately the victor was Matt Marcus of Hennan’s restaurant. Congratulations, Matt! And a great big THANK YOU goes out to all chefs who participated in this year’s Food Fight! It was a great time!

If you missed the Food Fight this year, be sure to check out this Sunday’s Cast Iron Cook-Off at the Market! All dishes will be prepared using Lodge cast iron cookware on FiveStar ranges! The chefs are announced at noon, cooking begins at 1, the judging takes place around 2, and the winner is announced at 3. Come join the culinary fun!

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