Hello, readers! Happy Friday to you all!

Today’s Feature Friday post is all about FiveStar’s TurboFlow Convection. Convection doesn’t sound very exciting, does it? Well, I hope that by the end of this post, you’ll have gained some enthusiasm for the feature. First, check out this video from our YouTube Channel:



Is your mouth watering yet? I know. Mine, too.

As you can see at the beginning of the video, the convection is controlled independently from the oven dial by an external switch on the control panel. This means that you can operate the convection setting only when you choose – giving you ultimate control.

As Rick discusses, convection fans work to promote the flow of air evenly around dishes, eliminating those pesky hot spots all ovens tend to have, while also speeding up cooking and/or baking times for your favorite dishes, resulting in quicker, more even dishes. One of my favorites ways to use the convection is to flip the switch during the last few minutes of the baking cycle, adding a quick and even brown to cookies or pies. It’s also very useful when I’m starrrrving and can cut a casserole bake time or chicken roasting time by a few minutes, with the same great results.

I’m curious. Do you use convection? What’s your favorite dish to make with the convection feature? Is it your grandmother’s famous cherry pie or a homemade deep dish pizza or crispy-on-the-outside-tender-on-the-inside roast chicken?

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2 Responses

  1. hank on 24 Feb 2012

    i’ve been cautious about using the convection because i’m a little nervous about the change in cooking time. i’m branching out a little more each day with it, but one thing that i’ve found it’s great for from day one – browning up tator tots! : )

    • FiveStar on 27 Feb 2012

      Yes, it is! You make an excellent point… many owners are understandably nervous about using their convection feature. In fact, we’re working on a post about it right now… be sure to check it out later today!