Recently, some folks here at the office became engaged in a debate about cooking versus baking – each person discussing which they prefer and why. Most of us agree that cooking usually takes place outside the oven, on the stove top and, in general, is a bit more flexible and conducive to improvisation. Baking, most agree, tends to be a structured science, usually requiring a recipe or at least a firm grasp of the basic methods to create, say, a cake from scratch. In other words, while I might be able to whip up an improvised gravy (by subbing chicken broth for milk, for example), I’d likely have poor results if I left baking powder out of my biscuits.

The discussion spurred digression into a secondary discussion about what ‘type’ of people each of us are. Most members of the marketing team prefer the unstructured flexibility of cooking to baking, while many members of our accounting department find comfort in following a baking recipe. Typically our marketing members are creative and work-with-what-you’ve-got type people while accountants tend to prefer structure and planning, so these preferences seems quite logical and natural.

I fall somewhere in between. While I love cooking off-the-cuff and creating fun recipes, there’s also a lot that I enjoy about having a recipe to work from. While most of my cooking improvisations stem from basic recipes that I experiment with, sometimes I like to bake cookies exactly like it instructs on the back of the chocolate chip bag.

Overall it was an intriguing conversation, and we thought our blog readers might want to participate in the discussion, too. So, do tell, readers… Are you a ‘baking’ person or a ‘cooking’ person… or are you like me and like both pretty equally? Why?

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