Happy Friday, friends!

We’re starting a new series here at FiveStar celebrating all of FiveStar’s greatest features on the greatest day of the week… Friday!

Today we debut our Feature Friday series with some information about our True Dual Fuel ovens. It’s a great debate among culinary enthusiasts: Which is a better choice of heat source in an oven – gas or electric? And does it depend on the dish? After researching these questions, we learned that many professional and home chefs alike prefer the moist heat of gas for braising and roasting meats, while the drier electric heat is often favored for baking. But when you buy an oven, don’t you want to be able to do both with optimal results?

That’s when FiveStar devised a way to give customers the best of both worlds. Our larger range models (48″ and 60″) are available in what we like to call “True Dual Fuel.” These ranges are available with two ovens – one gas and one electric! Here’s a video featuring our friend Rick Bayless, describing and demonstrating the benefits:



Do you have a preferred heat type? Are you a die-hard gas gal or guy or electric all the way? Do you often find yourself needing to choose based on the dish you’re whipping up? Do tell.

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