So you might be wondering just who in the world these FiveStar folks are. If that’s the case, then today is your lucky day. Here’s a bit about our company and our team:

FiveStar is a division of Brown Stove Works Inc, a family owned company established in 1935. Since its inception in 1990, FiveStar has been bringing its customers American-made quality pro-style ranges for the home. Not only that, but the brand has prided itself in offering several unique features that cannot be found anywhere else!

Our plant and home office are located in Cleveland, Tennessee, smack dab between the mountains and the rivers of the beautiful southeastern part of the state. We might be biased, but we consider this area to be one of the most beautiful around. And before you ask… we DO wear shoes and most of us have all our teeth, so those stereotypes are false. However, we also say “y’all” and eat barbecue more often than not, so those rumors are absolutely true… and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Our company is small, so we can afford to provide each and every customer with personalized care and attention while utilizing our rich heritage to provide a great quality product! If you call our 800-number you’ll be greeted by a human being (gasp!), and if you email our Customer Service department, you’ll get an answer from a real live person. We’re old-fashioned in this modern world. And we like it that way.

So have a couple clicks around our site to learn more about us, our history, and our products. Have a question? Comment below or send us a message. Our Customer Service team will get back to you lickity-split!

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